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We supply the necessary charts for the San Juan Islands and Canadian Gulf Islands. Also as a courtesy some cruising guilds such as the WAGGONER and others are available. These Guilds are very handy in the summer to make reservations at some of the more popular marinas. They are a good source book for destination planning. Tide and current tables are in the navigator's toolbox as well. Our approach to navigation believes skill is needed, thus paper charts only. Roche Chart With a chart, current table, clock, dividers, parallel rules, compass, and knot meter/log a person should be able to go as they please. However it's not deemed weak to wait out the fog or storm below in a cozy harbor. Plus we use a GPS for added safety and a check on DR. Equilibre lives here, in the center of the islands.


The Pacific Northwest is known for a mild coastal climate, a lot of rain, and the cruising season is the summer only. What is not common knowledge, is the San Juan's are located in the Olympic mountain rain shadow, and thus get about half the rain Seattle gets. Seasoned sailors in these parts also plan trips for spring and fall as the weather is still quite warm, better winds, no crowds, cheaper moorage, more relaxed. Sun Bather In winter we will get the rare white sunshine.

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