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Guest Cabin This is just a start. Please call or write with any questions you have. THX-B

How many does she sleep?

Comfortably 5, two doubles and one single. The ideal amount would be 4. That would leave the quarter berth open for additional gear. We want to provide an experience to remember, not forget. It is possible to cram 8+ people aboard a vessel this size, but it only takes a few days in crowded conditions to start wondering how soon the week will end.

What is provided?

A mobile self-contained world, waiting for adventure, to include the yacht with all the necessary equipment to operate on the inland waters of the Pacific Northwest. You need only food, clothes, and personal items.

Is there a shower?

Yes, three options are available. In the head, is a small shower that will do the job anywhere, in any weather. In warm weather we use the Sun Shower on deck, for more space and easier cleanup after. Also shore facilities are used for the same reasons.

Is she heavy and slow?

The heavy part is correct, but slow does not describe her sailing tendencies. Under sail or power cruise speed is 7.5 knots. Under sail we have been up to 9.5 knots in a blow, but she will give 5.5 knots in an 8 knot breeze. Sailing, we pass most and get passed by few. This is due to the tall rig, efficient hull design, low ballast location and waterline. After sailing race boats for 20+ years, this boat was a pleasant surprise in speed and handling.

What kind of experience do I need?

Enough to safely operate and navigate our beloved 30,000# baby in our local waters. Prior sailing experience aboard other vessels is a must. Sailing, navigation, general boating Courses are good too. You will be asked to fill out a resume.
Bottom line, you must prove to me you can take the boat for a spin and return with a reasonable chance of no damage to the yacht or yourselves. If education is lacking there are local sailing schools available-call.

Is she easy to sail?

Absolutely. She has, and is, regularly single handed in conditions to 40 knots. All winches are oversized and self-tailing, placed where you need them. The sail plan uses three sails and reef points that make it easy to balance. Her full keel shows a tendency to track. With her weight and beam, gusts are much less likely to put her on her ear, like the light boats, and in seas she makes a surprisingly stable platform. The hardest part is admitting it's time to take the sails down and head in.

Snowy Day

When is the best time of year?

Depends on what you like. In the summer when there is the least amount of wind, we sail 6 out of 7 days, in 15 knots or less. Spring and fall generally gets more wind and an occasional front. Winter gets the most fronts, is colder, but gives some very exciting sailing days. Temperature wise, Summer= shorts, Spring and Fall=pants and light coat, Winter=heavy coat. Hot and flat calm, to freezing and blowing 70 knots, we have it all but most of the time however is spent with full sail up, 1-2 foot seas, and a light coat on.

Describe the sailing conditions.

Go with the flow, tidal currents that is. If there is any wind at all we put em up, as the tide will help in propelling us to our destination, and wind conditions can and often do change. We have two main types of water, Straits and Channels. The straits are large and can develop wind waves to 12' but are usually in the 1'-4' range. The channels can get up to 6' but are normally in the 0-2' range. When in doubt shake em out, when the iron genny goes off, well you know.

What happens if something breaks?

If you can carry on with the voyage without the idem, do so and enjoy, otherwise, call us first. We have a high speed chase boat and can usually reach you in a few hours. A list of other emergency mobile marine companies will be provided, for emergency use only.

Are Supplies available?

Ranging from a city, to many small towns, to a multitude of resorts and marinas. We will help you with the best places to shop, from the staples, to rare art.

Are the moorages plentiful?

On the docks in July and August, call ahead, otherwise there is usually room. You could stay at a dock every night if desired. Riding on the hook demands less planning as there is usually plenty of room. We normally drop the hook in summer, and do a mix in the other seasons.

What do I need to cross the border?

Crossing the Canadian border and the US border, require the same things. Boat papers, proof of citizenship, and a note from parents of minor children (if both parents are not present).

What does the area offer?

Besides good wind and sun, we have whales, salmon, sea birds, eagles, and creatures of all kinds. We have two countries to choose from, a multitude of bays to anchor in. You can anchor at an island in solitude or get a latte', watch an Eagle fishing or go to a farmers market. Campanion Way Air conditioning use is minimal and there are no hurricanes.


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