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Okay, now how does all this work, to make it happen? Not too tough really, from your end.


The Boat, moorage (at Roche Harbor), charts, dishes, boat stuff. Clean boat, fix and replace broken items, pay taxes, pay insurance, pay moorage, pay haul outs, pay advertising, change the oil, fill all tanks, wax entire boat 3 times/year, varnish all wood 2 times/year, pay for more materials, pay more taxes, pay more moorage.


  • Pick a date
  • Contact us
  • Meet qualifications
  • Send 30% deposit and application for reservation
  • Now wait
  • 30 days before departure send balance


  • Food & drink
  • Clothes for warm and cold weather
  • Pack in small soft luggage
  • Personal stuff (toothbrush)
  • Deck shoes AND shore shoes
  • Cameras
  • Book

If you forget anything, don't fret, as Roche Harbor is only 1.5 hours by boat (yours) to Sydney B.C. Sydney is a great place to provision the boat, as the stores are nearby and selection is abundant. Plus it is a great town to look around, shop, movies, Japanese food, you name it.

To get to the dock

  • Drive, by now you know where we are
  • Walk On, We will pick you up at the ferry landing and take you to the boat
  • Fly In, Kenmore Air lands a float plane 100' from the boat.

Then there is the swimming, bicycle, parachuting, and a variety of other modes. Call us if you need help.

Contact: Brad Gislason
861 #2 Schoolhouse Rd.
Friday Harbor, WA 98250
Phone 360-378-4860 FAX 360-378-5982
Email bradgis@rockisland.com

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