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View of the cockpit The cockpit is a good place hang out with your family and friends. Oh, it's also a great place to steer from.
Ships Bell Ships bell, for when it's foggy and you are in the shipping lanes (so says the US Coast Guard) and a Bose speaker to relax the crew in fog (so I says).
Bow View Here is a great place to watch the porpoise Bow Riding, when the boat is off the dock of course.
View of deck Teak Decks and bare feet are great companions. We like them in the morning as the dew will dry faster on wood than glass decks.
Warmer feet yeah!
Galley or Kitchen A well fed crew is a happy crew. A well designed galley is the galley masters most prized tool, in calms, in storms, and heavy foot traffic below.
Starboard side If you enjoy unplanned dunkings and manoverboard drills, get a different boat than this one. The high bulworks and high stantions on Equilibre make it safe for those who want to stay aboard..
Masters Cabin The Masters Cabin enjoyies a private marble sink and mirror. Has great ventalation and light, plus a door for privacy. It will sleep two but is sometimes used for stowage of x-tra gear.
Salon View This Salon scores very high in all the important catagories. Good light, Warm, Comfortable, Chess, Cards, Meals, Reading, Music, Snoozing, Knotwork, Entertaining......
Friday Harbor The Friday Harbor Customs dock in March. And yes, it is warm and nobody here to enjoy it.

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