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Driving down the Oregon Coast one year, we needed a place to stay.

Beach On the beach was a lovely room with an interesting design and great view of the Pacific for $120 per night.
On the highway, behind the Dairy Queen was a Motel 7 (you know the type) for $80 per night.

Now we have two memories to consider

For $120 we received a unique experience such as, sunset, beach walks, the surf, ect.
For $80 we received a common experience found at any truck stop on the interstate.

Which memory is more likely preserved, revisited, cherished? Think in the past. Does the few dollars you saved, stick in your mind? Or the unique experience?

After we got home and considered the total cost of that night, with loss of wages, travel, food, and entertainment expenses, the room cost became less, and almost non significant.

We are on this planet a short time, make the most of it.

Now that you're softened up, and sitting down, keep in mind a cookie cutter boat of the same size will cost about $350 less per week.
We now present:

The Rates

Fab Winter
Cost / Week* $2850 $3562 $4012 $3562
30% Deposit $855 $1069 $1204 $1069
2nd Week $2565 $3207 $3612 $3207
30% Deposit $770 $962 $1084 $962
*Week = 6- 24 hour periods

Other Costs:

  • Sales Tax- 7.7%
  • Deductible deposit- Call


  • Achilles inflatable- no cost
  • Bauer 10 sailing dink- $200 per week

  • Contact: Brad Gislason
    861 #2 Schoolhouse Rd.
    Friday Harbor, WA 98250
    Phone 360-378-4860 FAX 360-378-5982
    Email bradgis@rockisland.com

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