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Cruso's voice is expressive and fluid...her guitar work is exceptional...this is passionate stuff.

--JW McClure, Victory Music Review, Seattle

For the adventurous listener....Cruso's voice has the ability to go from folk to jazz to late night and sultry blues without advertising the change. First class production. A lot more going on here than folk.

--Frank Gutch, Folk Acoustic Music Exchange (F.A.M.E)

Boundless contains intricate, delicate and complex music for the hammered dulcimer. Carolyn's playing is evocative, conjuring up images and emotional landscapes...her strongest instrumental work yet.

--Eric Hardee, Host of Folksounds radio show on KBCS, Bellevue

Elegant melodies... painting vivid pictures with a sensual pallette of poetic images... hypnotic and alluring

--Richard Middleton, Victory Review

Cruso's playing is superb. She has attained total oneness with the instrument

--Kate Price, Hammered Dulcimer Player

Carolyn's hammered dulcimer playing is strong, intricate, and dazzling in its self-assurance. Her flute playing is lyrical and equally as moving... [Transformation] is a great instrumental album.

--Dulcimer Players News

Cruso brings multi-instrumental skills and an eloquent set of pipes to the table.

--San Francisco Bay Guardian

Have You Ever

Ethereal Cowboy (listen!)
Balm for the Soul
Rage and Sorrow
Feel So Good
Evangeline (listen!)
Rhythm in the Rain (listen!)
Natural Disaster
Somebody Like You
Where Does the Love Go
Baby's Breath
Start Over Again
Have You Ever

Carolyn Cruso - voice and acoustic guitar, Martin Lund - clarinet, accordion, Fender Rhodes, and sax, Chris Leighton - drums and percussion, Sandin Wilson- fretless bass, Jon Hamar- upright bass, Bruce Harvie- mandolin and electric guitar, Becki Klauss - background vocals, Larry Murante - background vocals, Willie Thomas - trumpet and fluegel horn, Esther Olson - violin, Isaac Olson - viola, Page Smith - cello, Lek Thixton - electric guitar and Harry manx - slide guitar
CD $15, hear more and/or order online from

Boundless (2005)

New Joe Clark (listen!)
The Valley
Maria da Peninha (listen!)
Chatter Creek
The Magic Shirt
The Power of Believing
The Elbow Polka/
The Market Polka/
The Dulcimer Polka
Carolyn's Welcome
Solstice (listen!)

Carolyn Cruso - solo hammered dulcimer
CD $15, hear more and/or order online from

As Clear a Hue (2000)

Received With Grace (listen!)
In The City Tonight
Wandering but Not Lost (listen!)
What About the Mystery (listen!)
We Are Passengers
Hard Won Balance
Flyway Zone
Hopes and Dreams
Baba Babi
As Clear a Hue

Carolyn Cruso - guitar and vocals; Tige DeCoster - acoustic bass; Jarrod Kaplan - djembe and shakers; Jay Thomas - trumpet; David Lange - piano
CD $15, hear more and/or order online from

Transformation (1998)

Under the Cedars (listen!)
Mad Farmer's Love Song
The Lover's Waltz/The Old Bus Jig
The Pomegranate's Seed/The Canopy
Baba Yaga's (listen!)
Fire Sister
Ontankarana Circle
You and Me is a Rhythm (listen!)
Flat Iron

Carolyn Cruso - hammered dulcimer, flute, whistles, guitar, cittern, darbuka; Robert Almblade - hammered dulcimer, guitar; Billy Oskay - fiddle, harmonium; Randal Bays - guitar; John Peekstock - cittern; Glen Moore - bass; Sean Sharp - bodhran, riq; Jarrod Kaplan - djembe, shakers, cymbals; Tarik Banzi - dumbek, udu
CD $15, hear more and/or order online from

Great Blue (1995)
with Robert Almblade

Boys of Ballymurphy
Nannette and Willy's
Carolyn's Ramble to Bulgaria
Prasad (listen!)
Power of Believing
Ocean of Wisdom
Annie's Waltz
The Four Sisters
St. Anthony's Fire
Planxty Berch

Carolyn Cruso - hammered dulcimer, silver and bamboo flutes, whistles, cittern; Robert Almblade - hammered dulcimer, cittern; Billy Oskay - violin, harmonium, keyboards; Kevin Burke - fiddle; Kim Robertson - Celtic harp; Sandin Wilson - fretless bass; Sean Sharp - bodhran, riq, bendir; Jarrod Kaplan - djembe, dumbek, tabla
CD $10

Ballincheol (1993)
with Robert Almblade

Hungarian (listen!)
Sleep Soon'd I'da Mornin/The Wailing Banshee
Small Coals for Nailers/Black Nag/Morrison's Jig
Blind Mary
Breton Medley
The Hare in the Heather
Tom Morrison's Reel
Planxty Irwin
Walsh's Hornpipe/Sean Ryan's Jig
My Love in the Morning/Matt People's Reel
The Star of Munster
Boys of Ballysdare Set
Robert's Farewell

Carolyn Cruso - hammered dulcimer, silver flute, whistles; Robert Almblade - 6 and 12 - string guitar, cittern, hammered dulcimer; Sean Sharp - bodhran, riq, darbuka; Jim Goettler - bones; Billy Oskay - harmonium
CD $10

The Fifth Element (1991)
with Robert Almblade

Fahren Nach Freiburg (listen!)
The Veil
Leaving Lettergesh
Jean's Last Dance
Somethin' Else
The Fifth Element

Robert Almblade - hammered dulcimer, cittern and guitar; Carolyn Cruso - hammered dulcimer, silver flute, bamboo flute, pan pipes, pennywhistle, dumbek; Sandin Wilson - fretless bass; Lonnie Williams - alto sax; Billy Oskay - violin, keyboards; Michael Bard - soprano sax; Cal Scott - midi percussion

CD $15

Tone Poems (1989)
with Robert Almblade

Tone Poem
Despues de la Siesta
Maria da Peninha
Low Skies
Sun in the Rushes
Slant Lightning
Mrs. McDermott's/Planxty Burke
The Golden Ring (listen!)

Robert Almblade - hammered dulcimer, guitar; Carolyn Cruso - hammered dulcimer, guitar, flute; Budi Siebert - soprano and alto saxes, flute, bamboo flute, darbuka, bata and assorted percussion
CD $10, cassette $5