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Homepage for Catrax Inc. and Lytle Johnson
Last updated 13 April 2010

Update note: Added a video and notes about the North Star aircraft. It's DONE!

Catrax Inc. is a Washington corporation providing technical services. Current activities include software development (embedded realtime applications, digital signal processing, general software support) and aviation services (pilot services, A&P mechanic services, and small-scale development of specialized aircraft gadgets). I am Lytle Johnson, president and principal technician. I've been developing software for many years, primarily for embedded real-time applications with an occasional application for larger machines. My formal education is in engineering and applied mathematics. I've been doing aviation for even more years, starting with a 3rd place in Junior FAI Gas free-flight at the 1958 Nationals at Glenview Naval Air Station, Glenview, IL.

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A selection of photos from the archives.....

Pilot and newly-painted 180

Pilot at age 28 (look like anyone else recently in the news?
House on an island
Hartline, WA

Software Development Credentials
Aviation Credentials
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Aviation credentials: Basically I like being in the air and looking around, so mostly I fly low slow airplanes.

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