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"I really liked it! It was actually just what i was looking for... something that helps me to understand ... kayak design"

A Viewer From Norway:

Kayak Design @ Kayak Way
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KAYAK DESIGN @ Kayak Way is an innovative, multithreaded examination into traditional kayaks and their design for the backyard builder or home designer who wishes to develop workable, original kayaks of their own creation, or who seeks to better understand the designs of others.

With a sixteen chapter, menu-selectable structure, the subject matter of KAYAK DESIGN @ Kayak Way ranges from basic hydrostatics to the comparative analysis of form and function and practical design. It’s ultimate goal however, is to clarify the ways in which hydrostatic principles are transformed into practical design or construction realities, and to this end the DVD relies on the skill and expertise of two dedicated skin boat builder presenters:

Harvey Golden is familiar to many kayakers as a serious and knowledgeable student of the Greenland Kayak tradition through articles and his replica building activities. As a researcher, paddler and builder of something like 40 replicas, Harvey is in a unique position to talk both about real world influences on hull shape and how hull shape influences performance. During our visit with Harvey in Portland we’ll see a portion of his collection, discuss certain examples in detail, even learn how to survey a kayak from inside a glass case. Finally, we'll head off to the Columbia River for some on-the-water demonstrations and comparisons.

Skip Snaith is a student of Alaskan kayak traditions, with a special emphasis on the Aleutian and Bering Sea types. Snaith has worked in several native villages since 1998 on kayak building and research projects. In addition to hosting the DVD, Snaith offers a two-part discussion of practical design, with a piece by piece, function by function breakdown of the kayak and its’ design, from deck ridge to keel, complete with rules of thumb and comparative scantlings, sizes and dimensions.

The unique quality of KAYAK DESIGN @ Kayak Way ultimately lies in the wide range of practical experience these two presenters have, and in their willingness to share with viewers their perspective on the subtle world of design integration and synthesis that lies beyond the simple application of fundamental principles.

Whether its’ the revealing use of slow motion studies, a mini tour of an actual King Islander, or a down-home interview in Harvey’s drafting loft, KAYAK DESIGN @ Kayak Way is consistently entertaining, instructive and thought provoking.

What viewers are saying:

"I learned a lot... I especially liked the humor
and ease you used to explain difficult concepts. And the simplicity and restraint." E.C. -Connecticut

"thanks...I learned something." Mr. G. -Oregon

"I expected this DVD to be a Technical, full of formula, naval architect approach to the scientific design of kayaks. I was wrong, but not disappointed."

Pete Strand
Masik newsletter,Summer 2005,







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