Kayak Way and Walrose & Hyde present

Kayak Man, the DVD (60 mins.)
There has been such a positive response to our YouTube offerings
that we thought you might appreciate a version with decent resolution and no artificial time limitations.
(Note: if you already have our Kayak Design DVD this material will be redundant)

Kayak Man offers the unique opportunity to visit with Kayak Historian/Replica builder Harvey Golden and examine some of his extensive collection of replica kayaks.
    Harvey discusses design and construction, featuring some fascinating examples from an extensive collection. Boats from Greenland, Canada and Alaska are represented.  
  For the practical-minded we take a trip to the Columbia River for paddle tests and a few on-the-water evaluations and analysis.  
    As a special bonus, Harvey talks about his work surveying historic kayaks in European museums, work that has been carried out in such diverse locations as a glass display case and the top of a rickety step ladder.  
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