Anthropometric Measurements

Anthropometric measurement is a system that relates key kayak measurements to modules of the human body. A boat may be two arm spans, plus a fist long. The beam may be from your elbow to a fingertip. The distance between stringers may be four fingers.

These measurements are proportional, rather than absolute, so they will vary from person to person. Measurement by these rules produces a dimensionally acceptable kayak of it's type. Because the measurements are keyed to your body, the boat is also proportioned specifically for for you.

This is an ingenious way to transmit and preserve information: the description of the measurement, becomes the measurement itself .Pprogram and Data are indestinguishable. In one stroke you do away with the need for tape measures, and plans as well !

The flip side of the coin is that absolute measurement in inches or mm. for any two boats will rarely be the same, and then only by chance.

This is a powerful, flexible system, which has some important lessons to teach skin boat builders. Here are a few considerations when thinking about anthropometric measurements: