Photos by Sam Ulroan, and Cultural Heritage

Nylon skin just about completed. A running stitch along the deckridge will be finish seamed with a folded edge. Traditional qayaqs have the skin on the outside of the cockpit rim (pai) and wide stitches sew the inner and outer layers together. We started this one at the cockpit and worked out the the ends, but I've done it both ways pretty sucessfully. For lighter cloth weights, starting at the ends and working in may be simpler. Some tightening stitches around the cockpit wil remove all wrinkles.

Inside view. The lower edge of the inside covering is double or triple folded to make a strong seam, and the stitches from the outside go thru the folds ( from inside to outside ) and are heaved taut. Note traditional frowning face carved on the ayapervik or cockpit support. A smiling face is on the opposite (right ) side.