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Before you condemn this design for outright heresey, you should know that the idea originated with John Pingayak, a Native Educator and Culture Bearer from Chevak AK

The outboard motor is not about to go away from Eskimo life in the near future because they are a practical people with definite needs. The same holds true for lots of folks down this way too. As director of Chevak's Cultural Heritage program, Pingayak had long wondered if there was a way to bring the traditional qayaq back into the economic and practical life of the village. A solar powered qayaq is his real dream. The hull we built this fall in Chevak is a test bed that we can apply various alternate propulsion systems to. Our original solar components didn't look as if they would meet the rigors of delta conditions. Research into alternate systems showed much promise but no immediate solutions. Currently high efficency electric motors and fuel cells look attractive, but further research will be needed. It may be that a mix of solar, wind and hydrogen will be the best fit for village condiitons.

This is a practical boat that could serve as a family boat, camper or small coastal cruiser or island hopper. The deep, generous cockpit offers protection and shelter from the elements. It could be outfitted with a large spray deck. This large skirt could have built-in paddle jackets if desired. A sail rig is also possible. You could also opt for a single, longer cockpit.

This kayak is light enough to cartop and can be launched almost anywhere. It would make an ideal boat for families with small kids due to its' comfort and stability. A small four-stroke outboard would give quiet and reliable power.

Used intelligently this boat will give good service for long crossings and exposed waters, but as with any open boat, operator caution and experience is of paramount importance.

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