Summer opportunities on Nunivak Island
This is a unique chance to work, learn and visit on remote and wild Nunivak Island, the traditional crossroads of the Bering Sea.

The camp will be a self-contained scientific, cultural and educational community situated out in the remote tundra of Nunivak's NW coast.

If you have an interest in Native Culture or have wondered about visiting an Alaskan village, this is a great place to start.
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Modern Paddlers can find all the excitement, training and adventure they want on Nunivak waters too. This is a premier paddling area, challenging and beautiful, rich in interest and history.

Expeditions &
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There may still be open space in the calendar later in the summer. If you are looking for fresh horizons and a challenging, remote location you should get in touch with Martin Leonard at Alaskan Outdoor. The NICEA camp solves all sorts of logistical nightmares that unaffiliated paddlers would need to overcome before they can experience Nunivak's special charm and allure.

Science & Culture Camp / Skin Boat Stuff

Here's Frank Andrew
and the Angyaq we built in Kwigillingok AK. 1999.


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Kwig Angyaq
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The Angyaq Project
We will be building a replica Nuniwar Angyaq (Nunivak style umiak) at the Nash Harbor Camp this summer, working with elders and local craftsmen in a revival effort.

Guest students and casual visitors alike are welcome.

The Angyaq will be used for field trips and class-work after launching. Part of our mission/ field work will be to re-learn and investigate the knowledge systems used in traditional skin boat and kayak travel.

This will probably be the first Nunivak Angyaq to be built or used in these waters in about 60 to 70 years.

We also plan to build 2-3 Nuniwar qayat (The Cup'ig plural for kayaks).

Any boats we build, we will be launched on the Bering Sea.

Join us!