The "other" skin boat

Umiak An Illustrated Guide

By Skip Snaith
Illustrated by Tina Rose

"With this concise, straightforward, and handcrafted book,
Skip Snaith and Tina Rose have given the umiak some of the
recogition - and reconstruction - it deserves."

-from the preface by George B. Dyson, author of Baidarka

Umiak is a "how-to-build" book for the home builder that also covers the history, design, and recreational potential of these unique arctic skin boats, especially the Alaskan and Greenland types. Dimensioned plans for two umiaks, and a detailed discussion of the step by step building process will make you the successful builder of one of these versatile and affordable boats.

The text is enriched with discussions about the design process, and working with traditional materials in traditional ways. Contemporary boatbuilding practices as they apply to umiaks are also fully explained. Some similarities between umiaks and dories are examined - hybrid boats formed from this union haveexceptionally high recreational potential.

Observations on the nature of boats and boating, and a wealth of practical tips gleaned from the author's 20 plus years as a working builder and designer of smallcraft - even an allegorical tale with accompanying map - make this book much more than the usual "how to builkd it" book.

Skip Snaith is a designer and builder of a wide range of smallcraft with over 20 years experience. He has shared his knowledge and enthusiasm in classes and one-on-one workshops since the late 1970's. Snaith is also the author ofCanoes and Kayaks for the Backyard builkder published by International Marine in 1987 and currently in its fifth printing.

Tina Rose is a prize winning artist with a love of books and boats who has spent a large part of her adult life as a liveaboard and small boat cruiser.