Umiak Plans

We have plans for three distinct umiak types which can be
built in a variety of lengths. Plans are best used in
conjunction with our book, Umiak,an Illustrated Guide.

We've shipped umiak plans from the Gulf coast of Louisiana
to Point Barrow, Alaska.

All plans show lines, construction, scantlings, sailplans,
suggested layouts and rowing and paddle and motor well information.

Flat-bottom Umiak (two sheets $30)

Patterned after the smaller Alaskan Hunting models, this
is the classic paddle-powered version. It can be sailed
rowed or driven by a small outboard, and makes a fine
camping or beach boat. Design length is nominally
seventeen feet.

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Bent-rib Umiak (two sheets $30 )

This umiak is native to the Bering Straits region. This is
a larger boat, 20 to 25 feet. This is a round-bottomed
workhorse, good for extended trips, adapts well to sail
or power.

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Sumiak (four sheets $60 )

Sumiak is a Dory-type bent-rib umiak, well-suited for
recreational use. Quite a few sucessful versions have been built.
This is a strong, elegant and light beach boat, rowboat or day cruiser
and camper. Drawn at thirteen feet,
this design can be built up to sixteen feet LOA with virtually
no changes.

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