Hello and Welcome to My Website

Although I have partially retired from heavy foundry and machine work, I have kept the original name of my family's company mostly out of sentiment. I have spent much of my life as a tugboat captain, marine engineer, foundryman and machinist. I still own a small tugboat and enjoy machining and foundry work as a part time living. My home shop is full of old flatbelt driven machinery handed down for four generations from the original family works in Southeast Texas. The Marshalls go back many generations in the UK and other branches of the family carried the metal working trades to every corner of the English speaking World. In 1996 I wrote a book on home ironfounding and building small cupola furnaces, which I sell direct from this website. 

I attended Texas A&M University, where I was an ROTC officer cadet and played polo on the university club team, and later studied history and archaeology in London, before returning Stateside and working as a marine archaeological consultant for three seasons in Key West.  Then returning to S.E. Texas and taking over the family business.  I was married for thirty wonderful years until an awful day in February 2009 when my wife Leta was felled by heart failure.  We have one daughter, Wendy, who graduated with a degree in geophysics from Western Washington University in Bellingham, and now lives in Portland, Oregon. We have lived since 1985 on beautiful Lopez Island, in the San Juan Archipelago, just east of Victoria, B.C. and an hour's ferry ride from the US mainland.  Thanks for visiting. I hope you have found something of interest while here. 

In Loving Memory - Leta Currie-Marshall
My wife and best friend passed away on 20th February 2009 of heart failure. I have added a memorial page to her.

Stewart Marshall, 2015