Four Cylinder 60 hp Atlas Imperial Diesel

This is the engine in our tugboat, BUSTER. It was built about 1929 and we completely restored it in the late1970's before building the boat. Fuel consumption is moderate at approx. 3 to 4 gallons per hour at 600 rpm. We reach our best cruising speed when running light, however, at only half throttle or around 350 rpm. This is only about 2-1/2 gallons per hour fuel burned. Not bad for an engine swinging a 32" x 38" over-square wheel. The engine weighs over 4 tons with its auxilliary equipment, starting air tank, etc. There are only about a dozen examples of this size Atlas known to exist. These engines will burn a wide range of fuel oils since the fuel injection pressure is easily adjustable by the operator moving a handle on the controls. The diesel cycle involves a steady injection of fuel throughout the power stroke and therefore a much thicker viscosity fuel than today's #2 truck diesel is prefered for a slow, heavy-duty engine such as this. I have added a new webpage about Atlas engines, with a list of some of the most common sizes of Atlas Engines left in existence.

Marshall Machine & Engineering Works has provided parts and service for owners of remaining Atlas Imperial Diesel Engines for 25 years now. We were proud to have been one of the last companies in existence specializing in the Atlas over all other makes. The Atlas Imperial marine engine was the first successful marine diesel produced in the United States and is in our opinion one of the best ever built. They were produced in sizes from 30 hp to 1000 hp, over a half century period. One of the oldest remaining Atlases in running condition, from 1921, is in the Smithsonian Institute.

Although retired now, we are happy to help Atlas owners as best we can. We still have about 8 tons of new original Atlas Imperial spare parts in stock and have our own foundry for casting replacements for extinct items from iron or bronze. Feel free to E-Mail us for details and pricing if you have an Atlas Imperial engine and need help.