Misc. Stuff For Sale

(Last Updated 19th September 2006)

This is just tools and other stuff which is surplus to our needs now.

We also have a separate page of various castings and former products which are still in stock or that we still do limited numbers of.

1 in. drive CP air impact wrench, used but excellent working condition. Note: this wrench does not have the extended shank for truck tire work. $175.

1 in. drive impact sockets for above wrench. 3/4 in. to 2 in., all are US made. $200.

(OR both wrench and sockets for $350.)

Solid brass Liberty Ship steering stand, polished. (no wheel.) Very heavy! $600.

Very fine First World War brass ship's compass. Compass only, with gimbal rings. No box or binnacle. This compass is in perfect condition with no bubbles at all. It is larger than the WW2 standard Navy compasses and has a beautiful card. $550.

Starrett Strain Gauge, dial indicator type, up to 12 in. capacity. All nickle plated. In very nice fitted mahogany case. Used for checking crankshaft alignment in large diesel and steam engines. Excellent condition. $175.

Antique automotive crank pin tool, with cutters, in large wooden case. Used for truing and turning crankpins in place? Large precision tool, very well made. 1920's. $325.

I will try to update this Page frequently but
E-Mail Me about availability of the above Items.

Stewart Marshall, 2006