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Cast Iron Side Covers for an antique engine.

Bronze Handles for Holtzappfel lathe.

My home foundry shed houses four small Cupola Furnaces of various sizes, enabling me to melt as much as 40 lbs. of iron or 70 lbs. of bronze every five to six minutes. I mould in Green Sand for a wide variety of casting sizes and surface finishes. Both Art Castings and regular Machine Parts, etc. are possible. Although retired from this now, in the past I have done many custom bronze Builder's Plaques, Grave Markers, and Other Misc. Pieces. All moulding, pouring, and finishing of the castings is done by hand with traditional methods. I have full woodworking facilities for Pattern-making. Although I no longer accept commercial work, I am happy to help out with advice if you need a special casting or part. E-mail me a drawing or photo of what you need and I will do our best to help.


My small Cupola Furnaces have proved so successful that I have produced a 208 page book with over 60 drawings, photos, and sketches showing how anyone can build their own home hobby foundry for casting iron and bronze with this type melter. The exact specifications for building very small cupolas, and whole subject of small ironfounding, is covered in very thorough detail, with chapters and tips on moulding, sand preparation, refractories, building all equipment from scratch, etc. Even a great foundry glossary in the back! The book is available direct from us for $25. plus $3. postage and handling (overseas airmail is available but at a somewhat higher cost - see air post rates below).

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My New Home Foundry CD is ready! You may know that a CD holds almost 650 megabytes (over 200,000 pages of text! Or many hundreds of high resolution pictures). So, this was a great way to gather up tons of goodies that I could not get into the cupola book. There is gobs of stuff in here on building and using small cupolas, visits to other foundries, CAD drawings from my friend Robert Grauman, and much more! Order today for only $20. plus $3. postage.

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