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Animal communicator Mary Getten with a patient at the Marine Mammal Center

Mary will be out of the country and not available for consultations June 6 - July 5.

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Summary for Text Browsers: About Mary

Animal Communicator

I studied with animal communicator Penelope Smith and have completed numerous courses on pet communication with animal communicators including Jeri Ryan, Carol Gurney, Dorothy Maclean, and Raphaela Pope. I am certified to teach animal communication through Penelope's basic How to Communicate with Animals workshop.
My professional practice as a pet therapist began in 1996 and I work with clients assisting their pet communication and other communicators throughout the United States and Canada. I am caring and compassionate pet therapist and always seek to bring understanding and resolution between people and their animals through pet communication. I particularly like working with animals that are about to die. Helping them, and you, through this sacred time is a real privilege.

Animal Communicator & Flower Essences

I completed the Flower Essence Practitioner course at the Flower Essence Society in Nevada City, CA in 1997. Since that time I have used this healing art extensively with humans and animals. They are inexpensive, effective and really easy to use.

Teaching Animal Communicators

I love teaching animal communicator workshops and opening people to the inner world of animals and nature. I offer a beginning How to Communicate with Animals workshop, a Refresher/Practice day and an Advanced Communication workshop for animal communicators. I teach two other classes Reconnecting with Nature and Flower Essences for Animals.

Wild Animal Telepathy

My journey began when I worked at the Marine Mammal Center, a hospital for seals and sea lions, for four years.
For almost a decade I was a coordinator of the San Juan County Marine Mammal Stranding Network, on staff at Wolf Hollow Wildlife Rehabilitation Center and a marine naturalist leading whale and wildlife cruises in the San Juan Islands. I was also a docent at Pier 39 after the sea lions took residence there. I also spent a winter leading humpback whale trips in Maui. Now I spend all of my time consulting with animals, giving lectures, teaching workshops, leading adventure trips and writing.

Writing About Animal Communication

I am the author of The Orca Pocket Guide, published by EZ Nature Books in 1996. This handy inexpensive book about Orcas: the largest members of the dolphin family and commonly known as Killer Whales is available through
I am a frequent contributor to Women NetWork newspaper in Bellevue, WA and also The New Times in Seattle.

Excerpt from recent eNewsletter:

Respect. Animals are thinking, feeling, spiritual beings just like us. Take the time to recognize and acknowledge their special qualities like joy, service, patience, love and wisdom. Don't put limits on your animal's abilities. Respect them as capable, whole and growing, not dependent or emotionally crippled. The more you treat your animal companions as intelligent competent beings, the more they will live up to that expectation. Hold the highest vision you can for them and they will respond.

Clarity. It's very important to tell your animal what's going on or what you want from them. Don't assume that they won't understand - most of them will. Animals read our mental pictures and we often confuse them by talking about what we don't want. Since we picture what we say, they see the unwanted behavior you're showing them and think that's what you want. You can't picture don't, so always say and visualize exactly what you DO want, like "Keep your feet on the ground." The clearer the picture the easier it is for them to understand.