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Alpaca and Llama Books, Videos and CDs

These are not in any particular order, but all have been recommended by various list members. Look lower on the page for places to purchase the books, videos and CDs.


Veterinary Lama Field ManualDr. Norman Evans
Caring for Llamas and AlpacasClare Hoffman, DVM and Ingrid Asmus
Llamas, Intro to Care, Training, and HandlingSandi Burt
Imprint TrainingRobert M. Miller
Medicine and Surgery of South American CamelidsMurray E. Fowler, DVM
Llama and Alpaca Neonatal CareDrs Smith, Timm and Long
First Aid of Llamas and AlpacasMurray Fowler, DVM, Audrey Fowler
Don't Shoot the DogKaren Pryor
TTEAM Approach to Handling & TrainingMarty McGee
Field Guide to Poisonous PlantsShirley Weathers
Packing with LlamasStanlynn Daugherty
Making The Most of Your LlamaDr. Linda Beattle
Llama Babies: Up, Dry, & NursingBarbara Norris Anderson
The Weaving, Spinning and Dyeing BookRachel Brown
The Technique of Woven TapestryTadek Beutlich
Spinning Llama & AlpacaChris Switzer

    Raising Llamas by Gale Birutta created a great deal of controversy on our list. It was thought to be helpful in certain areas, but many were upset by some of the inaccuracies in the book and felt that overshadowed the good - especially for people new to llamas. So just be aware that this book rated from "good info" to "toss it out" among our various list members. You'll have to decide it's value for yourself. Different things were noticed and felt to be very misleading and/or harmful - these included;
  1. a photo shows an ill-fitting horse halter on a llama
  2. LDGs (livestock guardian dogs) are used to protect llamas, not 'herding' dogs
  3. the claim that llamas can't chew on wood is wrong, they can and have
  4. the indications for knock-kneed and cow-hocked are reversed
  5. the statement that "Angular limb deformity is common in baby llamas." is incorrect
  6. on the body drawing the stifle is inaccurately indicated as being at the back of the hind leg
  7. the grooming info for packers is not adequate, if you are going to load up a real pack llama it deserves a thorough combing at least where the saddle and weight will be born.
  8. a photo shows a llama kushed with a pack saddle on and child sitting on the saddle, but the saddle is so far forward on the llama's shoulder and base of neck that the back cinch would be nearly up where the front cinch should be.
  9. the books says to give newborn crias CD/T vaccinations


Llama Training with Bobra Goldsmith (What Every Llama Should Know)Bobra Goldsmith
Training Llamas to Drive with BobraBobra Goldsmith
Click & Reward Training 1 & 2Jim Logan
Llama Reproduction: Neonatal ClinicDr. LaRue Johnson
Breeding, Birthing, and Newborn CareTaylor, Gavin
Telepathic Communication With AnimalsPenelope Smith
The Wonderful World of Llama Wool (includes great shearing tips)Marty McGee
Basic TTEAM with LlamasMarty McGee
TTEAM Approach to Herd ManagementMarty McGee
The First 24 HoursJohn Mallon
Halter Training BasicsJohn Mallon
The Competitive Edge in the Show RingALSA


Llama Talk (Understanding Llama Behavior as
a Foundation for Training and Herd Management.)
Cathy Spalding

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