Quesadilla Diablo - AKA Dia

All photos taken at about 6 wks old, before we got her at 7.5 weeks old. She looks far more like a real dog than a lump now (VBG) and has perkier ears, more furry hair, and prances all the time with her tail wagging and curled up. Honest, she's MUCH cuter than this! She looks depressed in these pictures! The first photo shows how one eye is smaller than the other. No matter, I love her anyway! At 8 weeks she's one whole pound of bouncing joy. One breeder (of 25 years) that I contacted via email says her weight is good and she should mature at about 5 pounds. But the eye is either infected (doesn't seem so, but I'm going to find a good chichi vet and find out) or it's a genetic fault, in which case she'll never be bred.

Although Dia's parents were both short coat, we were told that all 4 grandparents had long coats. The woman who sold her said that her hair is very long for so young. Her daddy weighs about 3 pounds and her mom about 5 (I think). Daddy is very small.

Large dogs are NOT her parents,
small one is her sibling.

With her only sibling.