Quesadilla Diablo - AKA Dia
Born Oct 16, 2003.

All photos taken on 12-15-03 at 8 weeks and 4 days old. She weighs 1½ pounds now.

Here and below, Dia is next to one of my 4 my kittens, Sam.
All 4 kittens are from the same litter and were born the end of July,
so about 4½ months old here. Dia wrestles with Sam and Taj all the time!

This is her VERY best friend, Sam's brother, Taj.

Ming and Moxie (with photo red-eye, both gals really have beautiful blue eyes)
are the rest of the kittens. Both watch Dia, but don't really play with her often.

She's too tiny for most dog toys, so she LOVES the kitty toys.

This is Doja, the runt kitty my son gave me Christmas of 2002.
She only weighed 3 pounds at 4 months old!
Now she's 10 pounds and very long and panther-like.
She sleeps with the kittens, cleans them, and plays mommy.

Suzi was not happy when I brought home 4 more kittens,
and she's disgusted that we got a puppy and a playpen.
In spite of her disdain, she's very gentle with them all.

This gives you an idea of her size with someone holding her up.
She didn't much like the flash.

Older photos of her can be found here.