Quesadilla Diablo - AKA Dia
Born Oct 16, 2003.

All photos taken on 5-26-04 at about 7.5 months old. She weighs 4 pounds 8 ounces now. She jumps around and moves so fast that still photos just don't show what she's really like. She smiles constantly, but not in her photos.

I bet she was blind after that flash! Her right ear still doesn't stand erect, but it's cute anyway.

The vet says she's a bit "pudgy", so no more human food - except carrots. Poor Dia.

She doesn't understand why I'm pointing a flashing box at her instead of kissing her.

She's as soft and silky as she looks, but she kind-of has a face like a bat. LOL!

She LOVES her tummy scratched and will beg you to do it.

Her pantaloons show a little here.

Sleeping dogs lie. (Or something like that.)
I love the tendrils of hair that curl out of her ears, so feminine.

Playing with Moxie kitten.

Horrible photo, but it shows her "fan" tail the way she has it most of the time.

I made her pose on the stairs to show her pantaloons. I LOVE the look she gave me!


Younger photos of her can be found here.