Quesadilla Diablo - AKA Dia
Born Oct 16, 2003.
Blue and Tan longcoat chihuahua - photos 2-10-05

All photos taken on 2-10-05 at 1 yr and almost 4 months old. She weighs almost 5 pounds. The kittens (Sam, Ming, Moxie & Taj) are a month older than Dia. Doja kitty is 13 months older than Dia. Dia jumps around and moves so fast that still photos just don't show what she's really like. She smiles constantly, but not in her photos. Doja kitty watches and waits for someone to welcome. That cat LOVES company.

Worn out after a bath and the gang chasing the laser light.
Moxie really does have a head, I don't know why I keep cutting it off!

Sam, part of Moxie, and Dia.

Dia decided to clean Sam's feet. These two groom each other several times a day.

Moxie (see, she has a head) and Dia with serious cases of red-eye. {grin, grin}

Almost dawn and Ming rests while Doja sits and watches the llamas,
and waits for the black stray cat that visits daily.
She HATES that I leave HER food outside for him.

Sam was playing with a little black feather, so Dia ran up and covered it with her body.
Now Wrestlemania begins!

Dia goes for his throat, but Sam just enjoys it. So he goes for hers, and she relaxes.
They really are pretty weird, they do this all day long.

You can't tell because of the red-eye, but she really is cute!
WHY does she have red-eye in every photo?
Her right ear never did stand up, but it gives her a cute Raggetty Anne look.
Am I supposed to trim all that hair off her paws? It's getting pretty long.

Younger photos of Dia and the kitties can be found here and here.