Quesadilla Diablo - AKA Dia
Born Oct 16, 2003.
Blue and Tan longcoat chihuahua
All photos taken on 8-18-05 at 1 yr and 10 months old.

Cats from same litter:
Sam - black * Taj - orange and white
Ming - calico point (ringed tail) * Moxie - torti point (looks more Siamese)
The kittens are a month older than Dia.

Dia is just SO darling.

But there is a serious lack of bed space in a twin bed!

Even Dia is worried how we can all fit in a twin bed.
And there's still two more cats (Doja and Suzi) to join us.
My legs are hanging over the edge. There's nowhere left for me.

The kitty kids resting on my bed. I need a queen bed BAD!
Ming is cleaning Moxie. Taj helps by keeping Moxie's head in place.

Taj is hanging over the edge of the bed, and Ming looks for a more comfy location.

Sometimes people suggest I give away a few of the kittens.
How could I separate them? They've been together since birth and are nearly two years old!

Younger photos of Dia and the kitties can be found here and here and here.