I ran home and the sun is JUST starting to set. These are horrible. I work 9 hours tomorrow and Friday. I could try more on Saturday. He's SO much PRETTIER and blacker than these photos.

No one had been fed yet and I was TRYING to get him to stand still, but everyone started spitting on him cuz they thought he was getting fed and they weren't. And he would NOT drop the damn mouthful of grass. :( He's not butt high, he's standing on a hill.

He's NOT this red, he's black. But the sun. Smoke was threatening him until the camera clicked, then Smoke put his ears up and Fastlane put his back. No one cooperates. He's also very slim. That's just fiber. And he's standing downhill, not level. He looks like a porker, but he's not.

Here's a REAL good photo! LOL! Down on top of him and out of focus.

He's so much prettier than this.

I tried chasing him up the hill so you could see his fiber wave in the wind, but somehow the effect just isn't like in person. Everyone up top thinks I've lost my freaking mind. It's feeding time and I'm running around clicking a box at Fastlane. And he's BLACK - HONEST! :(