Here is a pic of the feeders that we built inside the barn. I do not have one of the complete little feeders like you have. The bars are out of ¾ inch conduit and you need to make sure they are no more than 3½ inches apart so that crias can't get their heads through. Don't know what you want to do with the pic. I know I can't send it to the list. Maybe you have a temp spot you can put it and then if folks have questions, I can answer 'em (or get Mike to since he builds 'em). Glenda and Mike Steinke

I hope it's not too primitive a feeder. It's worked well for us and also the lady who had the original. The difference between ours and hers is hers has a lid of plywood, hinged on one side to easily insert hay AND she has wheels on hers for ease of movement. It fits one bale of hay + a little more, but obviously it would be easy to make it tall enough for two bales to stack in there. We made it from scrap wood, or else it would be a little prettier and more professional looking! LOL You might also add that if we had it to do over, we'd make 3 horizontal bars, evenly spaced, on the sides instead of the one large one right in the middle because when the goats were babies they could still climb in under that middle bar. I do have the cleanest llamas in town, thanks in part to the hay feeder. Everyone always thinks I groom all the time, but I don't, they just don't have a mounted hay feeder. Trisha McKaskle