Bauernheim's Fastlane and Castalia's Blazin' Mesa Boogie - photos 2-10-05

These two are almost always together, as you can see. Or maybe you won't as I'll crop each llama. PLUS Fastlane thinks EVERY photo should be of him. Mesa didn't like the camera whirring noise, wheras Fastlane thinks modeling is his specialty. Go figure. Mutt & Jeff!

Isn't he cute? You can just see his sweetness and curiousity.

Standing downhill in the shade by the stall.
He has the sweetest face, too bad it's too dark to see it.

Ears back because SOMEONE crowded right in between us. (Thinks he's a damn stud!)

No getting rid of the camera hog!

Told ya he was wearing LOTS of hay! Yeh, the focus thang...
He is NOT short necked, you KNOW that! But his fiber grows TOO FAST!
Then it makes his back taller, his neck fatter, and he looks scrunched up. But it's fiber.

Notice who ran up first and then posed?

He does have a cute butt.

Smokey in front, Mesa behind, coming up the runway to barn.

Walking by me. What do you mean... out of focus?

Mesa has a cute butt too, but far less furry. Check out the UFO!

I tried to get his cool face spots,
but it was too dark in the barn area, then I was out of shots for the camera.