Inside the Project Staff

Staff members and Earthwatch volunteers aboard our research vessel High Spirits

The project staff accumulates about 1,200 hours of orca experience in an average year. Up to 18,000 pictures are taken annually, mostly in-focus orca dorsal fins. Our encounter logs alone fill more than two two-inch binders per year.

Among the volunteer staff members are a long-term dorsal fin specialist from Missouri, an editor with NBC NY, a Canadian / American telemark ski racer, several survivors of Southern California, a German computer nerd, a cook from Ireland, a New Zealand Kiwi from Bermuda and a coach from Maryland.

Staff members are supposed to work until total exhaustion!

The staff is supervised by a laid back marine biologist and former Stoof With A Roof pilot from California, a chronically freezing beach bum from the Bahamas and an unbelievable genius from the Netherlands.

Although the staff members are heavily working on their social skills, we still believe that there is no better way to understand them than to take a look at what is on their mind (besides orcas!):

Further interests include Frisbee Golf, Volleyball, Smoking Salmon and The Art of Porch Painting.

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