Returning Home

This Island in the Northwest is where my family pioneered and where I have lived much of my life. Reconnecting with my Island home after a sojourn away gives me a strong sense that whatever art comes out of me now has much to do with the fact of my being here. With an interest in re-examining my roots I re-read Tom Robbins Another Roadside Attraction and began to investigate the northwest mystics art movement. I found in Morris Graves an inspiring role model.

On this Island we are completely surrounded by both the sea and snowcapped mountains. I walk the beaches breathing the beauty through my chakras. I am a devotee of Sarasvati, Goddess of beauty, art and knowledge.

On Friday afternoons I teach a drawing class through the Island Artists League and I am lucky enough to count among my friends a number of fine Island artists and accomplished craftspeople. Island life instills in people a resourceful creativity.

My goal was to make this website intelligible, visually pleasurable and easy to navigate. I hoped to provide viewers with amusement and enticing bits of information. I hope you enjoy it.

Anybody for a moonlight swim?