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Greenwich University was founded in 1972, modeled after the British tutorial system. By offering unique opportunities worldwide for adults to enter flexible, self-paced programs, Greenwich has become a leader in individualized distance education.

Greenwich students are mentored by distinguished professionals, outstanding scholars and prominent authors. Programs are conducted by the most contemporary methods of study and investigation. This system makes study at Greenwich a relaxed and joyful experience, as students receive support in following their academic interests without the disruption of employment and family life.

Greenwich students are encouraged to practice what they are learning, build a network of colleagues and establish themselves within their professional field while pursuing their studies. Collaborative efforts such as this are extremely effective. In this highly specialized field, students are able to make full use of academic conferences and seminars, and the expertise of the founders and practitioners. Year-round enrollment and employment opportunities add to the convenience of the Greenwich method.

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Special degree program tuitions are discussed in the FAQ section.


Greenwich University
School of Social Sciences

Department Chair Office Information

*Dr. Michael J. Cohen
Post Office Box 1605,
Friday Harbor, WA 98250.
(360) 378-6313

Dr. Cohen is also the director of
at the
Institute of Global Education
A special NGO Consultant to the
United Nations Economic and Social Council
He also serves as Adjunct Faculty for
Portland State University Graduate School of Extended Studies.


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