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Nature Appreciation Scholarship and Grant Program Announced:

A Nature appreciation scholarship and training opportunity is available from the Institute of Global Education. The program enables caring individuals to use and share unique nature reconnecting, education, counseling, and recovery tools. These social technologies empower anyone to transform destructive thinking into constructive associations through conscious sensory contact with Nature's unifying energies within and around them. Responsible relationships with self, society and the environment result. Excellent for counselors, healers, teachers, environmental educators, naturalists, students and other caring people.


The short statement, below, won the writer a scholarship for a Masters or Doctoral degee in Natural Systems Thinking Applied Ecopsychology. You can write one for this purpose, too.



"I have a deep love for nature and I am so distressed to see how we as a culture and world are going. I'm doing what I can in small ways, and it seems so important for many others to take up the challenge to live as if we were all nature. To that end I am currently offering sustainable living study circles, organizing cultural creative gatherings and writing for our small newspaper on sustainability. I'm a holistic psychotherapist, teacher and artist living in Rhode Island, mother of 3 grown children."

- Student Applicant


If this statement fits you, you will obtain a scholarship, too. Similarly, you may read the statements of other scholarship winners and see if you match their interests.

Better still, in less than 200 words, you can email us an original statement of your values and goals. We will inform you of your eligibility for a scholarship to obtain the knowledge, credibility and rewards of an academic degree from the Greenwich University, or other Universities.

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An application for the scholarship is made by emailing your statement, above, or through the application form used for all IGE programs.


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Thanks for your interest.

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