Natural Systems Thinking Process Degrees: education, counseling and scholarships that support the United Nations manifesto for environmentally sound personal growth and social justice




"Natural attraction ecology provides the missing link between the destructive way we learn to think and the intelligence that we inherit as part of Nature."

,- Dr. Michael J. Cohen, Program Chair
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Institute of Global Education




B.S., M.S., Ph.D, and Post Doctoral Degrees,

Scholarships, Courses, Research, Certification




Educating and Counseling With Nature

The Natural Systems Thinking Process



A Distance Education Cooperative via the internet

Cooperatively earn as you learn: online degree programs, courses and scholarships that integrate wellness, environment and psychology.

Complete scholarship program now available

  • Improve your thinking and relationships. Master environmentally sound self-improvement academics, methods and materials that enable you to attain your deeper ideals and goals personally and professionally.
  • Research, learn and teach the secret of how to let conscious sensory contact with the environment help us restore natural systems within our mind and body,
  • Obtain academic credit for prior degree-appropriate life experiences, courses and training.
  • Obtain an equivalent education waiver for a Bachelor or Masters Degree by documenting your present competencies and skills.
  • Cooperatively develop and teach nature-connected relationship building at home at the convenience of your time schedule.
  • Opt to earn while you learn through our public education program and by helping facilitate courses for students and the public.
  • Own and teach an empowering, sensory ecology process that improves counseling, education and leadership.
  • Develop your leadership and professional skills where you live now so, uninterrupted, they will remain and grow after you graduate, too.
  • Take accredited courses here that you can transfer into academic and professional programs elsewhere.




in cooperation with
Institute of Global Education



Introduction: Nature connected learning.
Overview: The results speak louder than words.
Degree Declaration: Select here how you want to participate
Procedures for participation. A key map to our cooperative process.
*Scholarships:* simply write a short personal goal statement
Financial aid a radical program based on exceptional trust.
Application and admission process. START YOUR APPLICATION HERE
for Degree Programs
Elements of Global Citizenship A short online orientation course
Frequently asked questions process, accreditation, validity, time, advantages.


Master of Science Degree program and course descriptions
Doctor of Philosophy Degree program and course descriptions
The Graduate Student Cooperative describes cooperative learning in action.
Post Doctoral Training and Research at the Institute of Global Education
Certificate of Training at the Institute of Global Education
Courses available to the public credit optional, transferable
Cooperative Scholarship Program supports sliding scale tuitions.
About Accreditation is it necessary? Pros and Cons.



Bachelor of Science Equivalency
how to document educationally equivalent undergraduate experiences.
Masters Equivalent Education Waiver how to document educationally equivalent Master's level experiences
Coursework Equivalency and Transfer to replace Degree Program course requirements already met elsewhere.


Greenwich University Website of the degree granting, non-profit, university where the scholarship program is applicable.
Institute of Global Education: background and information.
PROJECT NATURECONNECT: our global campus: a cyberplace where program members from various universities and professions meet, share experiences, teach and network.
Program Director Michael J. Cohen, Ed. D.


Applied Ecopsychology: Healing Ourselves and the World
an investigative reporter considers his findings
Exploration Activity a first hand experience with Applied Ecopsycholgy
Introductory Textbook Reconnecting With Nature
Nature Connected Psychology: creating moments that let Earth teach: A science and technology journal report.
Required Reading Article for your 300 word Application Form statement



Readily Available Scholarships Created by a Cooperative Coalition
The contribution of Nature-connected distant learning



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Department Chair Office
Dr. Michael J. Cohen, Lead Faculty*
Post Office Box 1605,
Friday Harbor, WA 98250.
(360) 378-6313

*Dr. Cohen is the director of
at the
Institute of Global Education
A special NGO Consultant to the
United Nations Economic and Social Council
He also serves as Adjunct Faculty for
Portland State University School of Extended Studies
Applied Ecopsychology Director
Greenwich University


Mission: to provide an educational alternative that is mentor-based, individualized, non-resident as well as resident, and self-paced. The intention is to foster the betterment of the human condition through increased awareness states, intellectually, emotionally, physically, socially, spiritually, and environmentally.


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