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NOTE: This trail is restricted to use by members of MESA only or by special permission from MESA.


Just as a clearing sky beckons you, continue on this trail as it does the same. As you agree with the information on this 18 station trail, follow the trail by selecting the Continue response that leads you to the next page. Continue is located at the bottom of each page on the trail.

To get the most from this trail, please wait for the continue page to fully load before reading it. Gaze at the image first. It often triggers inner nature sensations in you that the text helps you relate to. It may take as long as 15 seconds for the image to appear on some pages.

For best results, use a full screen width. On your first time through, stay on the trail, don't follow the links unless you need additional information. Come through a second time to explore the links.

You will find many familiar examples in the discoveries you make along the trail. You can have fun with them and help others and Earth. Join the NatureConnect List and share these experiences with people there. Add your unique adventures on the trail, anonymously, or with your name and email address if you so desire.

SENSITIVITY: If you find the information on a page disturbing, do not continue until you can identify personal experiences or comfortable ways of thinking that validate the information. The guide here is "Only follow sensory attractions." An alternative link later may bring you to articles or places that may help the page make more sense and become attractive to you.

For information only, a variety of conflicting reactions to the trail are presented at the bottom of each station. Reflect how you feel at the page bottom and continue accordingly.

Links in the text will refer you to pages and activities in the books Reconnecting With Nature (RWN) or Well Mind, Well Earth (WMWE). These pages offer further experiences or information on building sensible personal and global relationships.

PERSONAL GROWTH: If on the trail you find your interest running high and would like additional experiences and training via email, write us, visit our homepage or select here

LINKS to other sites may be viewed by selecting here. If you would like to place a reciprocal link here, contact Steve Smith

A common reaction: Perhaps psychologically I am a savage, like nature. Maybe it's not healthy for me to discover my inner nature since I don't believe it is loving or desires love.


I recognize that to become more whole, we must unify the detached parts of ourselves and the world. I'm interested in unifying psychology and ecology, mind and nature



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