Two Recent Books of Related Interest

   David Bollier addresses the attack on the "commons." Essential reading for a fuller understanding of the plunder of the federal lands. (Click on picture.)
 Marjorie Kelly questions the supremacy of capital. Essential reading for a fuller understanding of the dominance of corporations in contemporary affairs. (Click on picture.)




For those interested in taking action on the issues raised in Plundered Promise, or in finding additional information about them, the World Wide Web offers almost limitless opportunities. The book focuses explicitly on the federal lands, but it does so in a larger context of institutional reform. The links below are organized into those two categories, but the listings are only indicative, not exhaustive. Most of them also provide access to networks of other links.


Federal lands and resources links

Native Forest Council
John Muir Project of Earth island Institute
National Forest Protection Alliance
Natural Resources Defense Council
National Public Lands Grazing Campaign
Rachel's Environment and Health Weekly
Earthjustice Legal Defense Fund
Native Forest Network
Heritage Forests Campaign
Sierra Club
Western Watersheds Project
Rainforest Action Network
The Bioneers
Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics
Tidepool home page
Headwaters home page
Cascadia Times
High Country News

Progressive reform/corporate dominance links

The Positive Futures Network
Institute for Global Communications
Citizen Works
Jim Hightower site
Institute for Public Good
International Forum on Globalization
Multinational Monitor
Program on Corporations, Law, and Democracy
Progressive Review
Public Citizen
rat haus reality, ratical branch
E.f. Schumacher Society
Alliance for Democracy
Transnational Corporate Research
Institute for Policy Studies
The New America Foundation
The Policy Action Network
Michael Moore's home page
Common Dreams home page

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