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Where to buy Plundered Promise

Please patronize your local, independent bookseller as your first choice. The people who own and operate these stores are committed to books and writers, but especially to you, their readers. Unable to carry every title in print, they stock selectively, based on their understanding of what their local readers will appreciate. Getting just the right books into your hands is how they earn a living. Such personalized, knowledgeable service is rare, and has another appealing face: you can visit with your local bookseller about the books he or she carries, often over a cup of coffee, at leisure. Your purchase becomes a literary experience, not just a market transaction. That's worth a great deal.

In total the independent bookstores across the country serve a critical function: they sustain the markets for "midlist" books. Midlist books are the important titles that are not blockbuster bestsellers, but are crucial to an informed, intelligent, and independent-thinking public. The midlist book might be an exquisite novel that may not have movie potential; a book of poetry; or, like Plundered Promise, a book of social criticism. Without independent bookstores, there is less and less chance, as time goes by, that midlist books will be published at all.

That's because the huge corporate chain bookstores and their Internet counterparts are not interested in finding just the right book for you as an individual reader. They see only the mass market, and hence are always looking for the blockbuster bestseller that will account for millions of sales. And as book publishing is concentrated into fewer and fewer media/entertainment conglomerates, the search for the blockbuster is pushed upstream: publishers increasingly look only for blockbuster authors. Left to chain bookstores and conglomerate publishers, midlist books will disappear.

Click the logo above to find a good independent bookstore near you.and note the inscription: "Independent Bookstores for Independent Minds."


If you don't have a local independent bookstore conveniently at hand, you can find one on the Internet: the 100 Fires Bookstore, operated by Paul Cienfuegos. 100 Fires carries an impressive list of progressive books. Click below:



Plundered Promise for classroom use:

The book is used in a number of university-level courses across the country, as a textbook or as reference material. If you would like to consider it for adoption, and want to request a faculty desk copy, click the logo below:


Autographed Copies

Autographed copies are available, if desired. Click here: Autographed Copies

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