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Speaking Engagements, Bookstore Readings, etc.

Here is what the author has to say about such things:

"It was my great good fortune to write Plundered Promise not as a commercial enterprise, but as a labor of love. Well, actually as a labor of distress: watching with mounting alarm the deterioration of the federal lands and American democracy as well, I wanted to speak out on both issues."

"The writing, I have learned, was the easy part. Any serious book published today gets lost in a massive torrent of titles gushing out of the media/entertainment conglomerates. Small and independent publishers, and particularly the non-profits such as Island Press, can't match the cross-marketing juggernaut of, say, AOL/Time/Warner or Disney. So the challenge for committed authors is to pitch in and help with the marketing of their own books, even if that seems self-serving. Since I am indeed committed to my message, I am willing to pitch--anywhere, any time, any way."

 "Doing so is not unpleasant, as the picture here will attest. This was a reading at the Elliot Bay Book Company in Seattle, the quintessential independent bookstore, where books, readers, and writers are important - not huge volume sales and corporate bottom lines. In such a context, the discomfort of apparent self-service is quickly displaced by the warmth of a spirited interaction with concerned and competent readers. Other venues - speaking to a conference of federal lands administrators as I have done, for example, or visiting a classroom - are equally gratifying, and I welcome such opportunities as they arise."


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Inquiries about personal appearances by the author may be directed to Island Press as follows:

Ms. Taryn Roeder, Publicist
Island Press
1718 Connecticut Ave. NW - Suite 300
Washington D.C. 20009
Tel: (202) 232-7933


Alternately, see the author's contact information at the bottom of the page if you wish to reach him directly.


Autographed Copies of the Book

Autographed copies of Plundered Promise are available directly from the author. He has purchased from Island Press a small inventory of the books expressly for this purpose, but does not intend this service to be a commercial venture. Royalties from the sale of autographed copies will instead be donated to The Positive Futures Network of Bainbridge Island, Washington. PFN is an organization committed to social justice, the reclaiming of democracy, world peace, and a sustainable environment. It publishes a remarkable prizewinning magazine, Yes! A Journal of Positive Futures.

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For an autographed copy of Plundered Promise, send $29.95 plus $1.80 postage to the author at the address below.


Richard W. Behan
366 Normandy Lane
Lopez Island, Washington

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