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After three years sponsorship by Susan and David, The Living Room baton has passed to the building's owner, Robin Woodward. For more information, contact
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North Beach Road across from the Healing Arts Center
Eastsound, Washington on Orcas Island
You get here via ferries from Anacortes

About The Living Room

The Living Room, left, at the curve where North Beach Rd. turns east. East Sound, the body of water, is 3 blocks down the slight hill (loved by skateboarders). The shot is taken from the driveway of the Victory Hill B&B.
In the right photo, the garden is valiantly making progress through its second summer's planting. Now in its forth year, the yards bloom through the seasons. The venue seats about 80 or so, with fold up armchairs and plenty of wall space for art exhibits.
This lovely space used to be the cursed spot of Eastsound. The rundown building was host to dozens of doomed businesses over the years. Robin Woodward hounded the owner for months. "Sell to me PLEEEZE!!" Once she got the property, she lovingly restored it. Susan and David signed a lease for the gallery space for three years, now Robin and others are carrying on.
Thanks Robin! Here's her picture.

has played here? (a partial list)
David Lanz, Tingstad & Rumbel, Suzanne Ciani, Tuck & Patti, Scott Cossu,
Robin Spielberg, Gary Stroutsos, Libby Kirkpatrick, Bill Lauf, Garden (Susan's original vocal group), Marilyn Redfield, jazz pianist Overton Berry, soundhealer Tom Kenyon, soprano Rena Meyer-Weil, Mary Meyer, sitar master Pandit Shivnath Mishra, Celtic harpists Ani Williams and David Michael, guitarist Ralf Illenberger, David Roth, pianist Karen Fitzgerald, Equinox vocal ensemble, singer/songwriter Tim Hull, multi-instrumenalist Bruce Harvie, sax man John Ridell.

Commedian David Crowe, Shar Abreu and Mike Hurwitz, New Orleans pianist Tom McDermott, Tim Hull, Bryan Bowers, Pierce Pettis, Larry Murante, SF sensation Chris VonSneidern, Native American storyteller Robert Owens, storyteller Antoinette Botsford, crooner (and past pres of Warner Bros.) Mel Bly, Those Guys from Orcas, Ron Meyer & John Liger, Linda Allen and others...from Tibetan Monks to Siberian Shamans from yoga instructors to poets to "life story night."

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North Beach Road across from the Healing Arts Center
Eastsound, WA on Orcas Island

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