P/N 63605-001

A tool to allow functional testing of all bleed air supplied systems of
Bombardier Dash-8 Series Aircraft.
(DeHavilland Dash-8, 100/200/300/400)

Operators of Bombardier’s Dash-8 Series aircraft have seen the need to operate the aircraft’s engines to perform testing of the various systems that are supplied by the Bleed Air System.  This is noisy, inconvenient; creates safety hazards, as well as being expensive in terms of fuel burn, engine wear, and manpower.  Operators must plan engine runs to be performed at the end of maintenance sessions in order to test systems that have been maintained during that session.  This is particularly cumbersome when troubleshooting complex bleed air supplied systems.

To help remedy this situation, a tool has been devised and approved by Bombardier Aerospace that will allow functional testing of all bleed air-supplied systems without leaving the hangar.  This will allow operators the flexibility to operate these various systems in the hangar, at the time that maintenance is performed, rather than have to wait to perform an Engine Ground Run.  The ABAS Kit operates with normal shop air, so it is convenient, and very inexpensive to use.  The simplicity of design allows the kit to be installed and operated by one person, and that individual can carry out almost all of the subsequent system tests without the need for additional manpower.

The following is a basic list of the system functions that can be performed using the ABAS Kit:

  • Operational and functional checks of the entire Airframe Deice System, (All Airfoil and Inlet Boots) to include leak checks. (Q100/Q200/Q300/Q400)
  • Operational and functional checks of the Main Cabin Door Seal System, (Q100/Q200/Q300) and the Aft Baggage Door Seal, (Q400) to include leak checks.
  • Operational and functional checks of the Deice Pressure Indication & Regulating Systems. (Q100/Q200/Q300/Q400)
  • Operational checks and troubleshooting of HP/LP Switching, (55 & 65 psi switches) as well as Duct Overpressure Protection. (75-psi switch) (Q100/Q200/Q300)
  • Operational checks, troubleshooting, and leak check of Nacelle Shut-off Valves. (Q200/Q300/Q400). Pressure Regulating Nacelle Shut-off Valve, Q100)
  • Operational check of Bleed Air Select Switch. (Q100/Q200/Q300/Q400)
  • Operational check of Pressure Regulating Shut-off Valve, and Min/Max Bleed Select Rotary Switch. (Q200/Q300)
  • Bleed Duct leak checks of the entire aircraft. (Q100/Q200/Q300/Q400)
  • Operational check of Bleed Stage Pressure Switching. (Q400)
  • Operational, functional, and leak check of High Pressure Shut-off Valves. (Q400)
  • Leak check of Pre-cooler and P2.7 Check Valves. (Q200/Q300/Q400)
  • Operational check of Wing Duct Check Valves. (Q100/Q200/Q300/Q400)
  • Functional check of Flight Deck ECS Control Panel and Bleed Select Switches. (Q100/Q200/Q300)

The beauty of the ABAS Kit design, is that once installed, all of the checks listed above can be performed by a single individual, without ever leaving the hangar.  But where the tool really shines, is as a troubleshooting device. By eliminating the need to perform engine runs, extensive troubleshooting of all the systems listed above can be performed. All that is required is the ABAS Kit, the Aircraft Maintenance Manual, and an adequate source of clean, dry shop air.


  • Outstanding tool for troubleshooting of complex systems that are normally supplied by engine generated bleed air. Use of the ABAS Kit enables operators to carry out extensive, detailed troubleshooting within the hangar environment, simply by using shop air.

  • Use of the ABAS Kit will allow the operator to integrate operational checks of Bleed Air supplied systems into scheduled maintenance packages. As the aircraft is docked for maintenance, the kit is installed, and as configuration allows, testing can be completed and signed off without the need for additional engine runs.

  • Safety will be enhanced for maintenance personnel. Engine Ground Runs are no longer required to test many Bleed Air Supplied Systems.

  • Quicker turn times possible due to the ability to test systems prior to leaving hangar.

  • Cost savings realized by reduction in manpower required to perform most system checks.

  • Reduction in fuel-burn costs by elimination of Engine Ground Runs and system leaks.

  • Reduction in wear of engine components due to additional Engine Ground Runs.


The ABAS Kit consists of an air pressure regulator that is adjustable from 10 – 150 psi, a pair of 0 – 100 psi, air pressure gauges, a series of adapters to allow connection to the various aircraft models, and the necessary hoses to enable connection between the adaptors and the air source. 


At this time, there are no known alternative tools that provide the flexibility and functionality of the ABAS Kit. With the exception of supplying hot bleed air to the ECS Systems, the ABAS Kit can literally operate virtually every Bleed Air supplied system on the Dash-8 series of aircraft.


The requirement to operate the aircraft engines in order to supply bleed air for testing of the various consuming systems presents a burden to operators of Dash-8 series aircraft. A simple tool, the ABAS Kit, has been developed that will allow operators to test the various aircraft systems while still in the hangar, using shop air to supply pressure to the systems. First, and foremost, this represents an increase in safety for maintenance personnel due to the elimination of additional engine ground runs to generate bleed air. This capability will also allow operators to carry out extensive, detailed troubleshooting, without incurring the cost of additional Engine ground runs. Additional savings will be realized by reducing turn time for out of service aircraft, reducing manpower costs due to the operability by a single individual, and by reducing fuel burn costs as well as wear and tear on the engines themselves. The capabilities of this tool, combined with its low cost, make it an outstanding value for operators of all series of DeHavilland Dash-8 derived aircraft.


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